Blairsville, Georgia

Located in the Chattahoochee National Forest, much of town will therefore remain unspoiled and uninhabited. For those lucky enough to discover Blairsville, the major dilemma is deciding what to do first. 

For water lovers, there's Lake Nottely, covering 4,180 acres and with 106 miles of shoreline, small and serene Lake Trahlyta that leads into a beautiful waterfall at Vogel State Park, Lake Winfield Scott in neighboring Suches, Georgia, and many rivers and creeks running all throughout the county and offering some of the best trout fishing in the south. 

Here at Century 21 Black Bear Realty, we have beautiful mountain properties of this idyllic mountain town available for you to own, and we are confident that we will help you find your perfect spot. For those lucky enough to own a piece of this year round playground, they're lucky enough. 


Hiawassee, Georgia

The natural beauty is magnified and celebrated everywhere you go with parks, playgrounds, recreational facilities and picnic areas abundant. 

Hiawassee is almost directly between Atlanta, Georgia and Chattanooga, Tennessee, being about a two hours drive either way. Therefore, it is a hub for people seeking respite from their busy, crowded city lives. 

No one can deny that Hiawassee, Georgia is a natural treasure. Contact us today Century 21 Black Bear Realty and we will begin the adventure of finding your perfect place in this perfect place. 


Blue Ridge, Georgia

Blue Ridge is widely known as the trout fishing capital of Georgia, and the gorgeous Toccoa River is a hotspot for trout fishing. It's also a magnificent setting for your dream home. Blue Ridge, Georgia is the county seat of Fannin County, of which over 40% part of the Chattahoochee National Forest. 

This of course limits the land ownership by individuals and ensures that much of the natural beauty will remain untouched. From the mountaintops to the valleys and all beauty in between, Blue Ridge, Georgia is a perfect setting for peaceful, productive existence, and we would be honored to help you find your piece of Heaven. 

Brasstown, North Carolina

The area is very sparsely populated, and the majesty of surrounding nature is appreciated and magnified by the entire community. One of the most celebrated experiences in the nation is located here. at the John C. Campbell Folk School. 

Relying on the surrounding glory of nature, the school is a rustic farmhouse, blacksmith shop and school surrounded by rolling green fields and mountains beyond. Some of the most talented artisans in many varied fields teach their crafts as handed down from the original settlers of the area. We know these mountains and will take the time to get to know you, so that together, we will find the piece of nature you've been longing for. 

Hayesville, North Carolina

This beautiful and quaint town square creates a perfect backdrop of many festivals and outdoor concerts throughout the year. A large park of Hayesville's economy involves agritourism. Equestrian stables, cattle farming, fruit and vegetable farms, barn quilts, farm lodging, as well as goat, llama and alpaca ranches have invited the public in to experience and participate in the life of a farmer. 

Lake Chatuge continues from Hiawassee, Georgia into Hayesville and provides for many different water sports, as well as one of the most picturesque fishing destinations in the world. Hayesville takes pride in its Native American heritage with a Cherokee village, Spikebuck Indian Mound and Fort Hembree where you can learn to appreciate the culture and survival skills of those to establish life in this area as well. 


Murphy, North Carolina

Picturesque Murphy, North Carolina is located in the southern Appalachian Mountains. The mountain culture and heritage as well as the natural beauty are all celebrated here. Downtown Murphy is made up of restored original buildings, some constructed as early as the 1800s. 

Millions of dollars have been invested in parks so that everyone can get outside and benefit from the beauty of the surrounding nature. Lake Hiawassee is recognized as one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire state.

Century 21 Black Bear Realty has deep roots running throughout these mountains. We are here for you; to lend our experience and knowledge so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Murphy North Carolina is a beautiful crossroads of the past and present, of mountain living with some benefits of more commercialized businesses and restaurants.

Warne, North Carolina

The community remains very rural in nature and you’ll be more surrounded by wildlife such as bear, deer, fox and the recently reintroduced elk than other people. 

Properties in Warne varies in topography from mountaintop lots to creek side retreats where you can try your luck at catching a native brook trout, to large tracts in the valley where you can start your own farm or orchard. If you've ever dreamed of living a true rural mountain lifestyle, try Warne, North Carolina, where the motto is "your welcome is never Warne out". 

Young Harris, Georgia

Young Harris Georgia is a very small mountain town, the majority of which lies in a beautiful, majestic valley on the southern tip of the Blue Ridge mountain chain. Being approximately one square mile, most of Young Harris is land, however there are some very lovely views of nearby Lake Chatuge.

Former Georgia Governor and U.S. Senator Zell Miller was born and continues to live in Young Harris. Although small, the area has a way of enchanting the people who visit. So much so, Brasstown Valley Resort and Spa was built here and has become one of Georgia’s premier resorts and golf courses. 

The land is very unique in regard to topography, as it has large areas of relatively flat ground compared to surrounding areas. If you wish to have a piece of land that will give you the ability to float back in time to kinder, peaceful days, Young Harris is for you.